Career Opportunities At A Events Inc.

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At A Events Inc., we always strive to ensure that our team is engaged and that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to not just to perform the assigned job roles, but to grow, evolve, and feel satisfied. We believe that continuous learning and development is essential for us to prosper as a company, therefore, when you join us, you can avail of various perks like:


An investment in training and development is an investment in our people and our clients, so we don’t compromise. Be it e-courses or new manager training programs, our team’s learning and progress are two of the main priorities in our company.


When you join us, our managers will immediately make you feel comfortable and will guide you to become the best version of yourself by giving the right training and guidance.


At A Events Inc., we encourage cooperation, segregating the work among members of a team before collaborating as a whole. This allows for projects to be done faster, and team members get an opportunity to build a rapport with one another within their department.

Travel Rewards

Our Marketing Associates are offered freedom to travel, be it regional training or exotic retreats. Based on quarterly success, we reward team members with travel opportunities, and all expenses are taken care of by us. It is our way of appreciating the work of our associates.

Professional Development

Through various professional events, you get an opportunity to interact with influential personalities from the businesses. Such engagement will improve your knowledge and will establish your professional profiles in the community and industry.